citylinesInk is an art and design studio that specializes in hand drawn illustrations.

Our studio offers a variety of illustration needs; from personalized custom pen and ink drawings to professional architectural illustrations. 

Artist Statement

"After 8 years of working professionally as a retail designer I couldn't help but feel as if a piece of my personal expression was still missing.  That's when my worlds started to merge; sitting out by the water during lunch one day quickly capturing the beautiful view of Fells Point across the harbor. It felt right and natural, using the drawing skill set I use every day in the professional world to now capture places and moments in time that meant something to me.

Upon sharing my Fells Point drawing with others I soon realized they were just as moved by what I was able to capture. I wanted to give anyone interested a personal drawing; building, structure, landscape; so I began creating work commissioned by friends and family.

Expanding into citylinesInk is the next step in an exciting journey. My hope is that my work resonates and triggers memories with all who come in contact with it. 


Shawn Gworek is managing principal and artist at citylinesInk.



5213 Catalpha Rd
Baltimore, MD 21214

p: 443.301.4313

e: info@citylinesink.com